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How to Process Meat Turkeys

How to Process Meat Turkeys - For those of you who get tired of eating chicken , turkey can be an alternative . In addition to no less tasty , turkey meat is also healthier , because it contains higher protein and lower fat .
However , turkey processing is often quite difficult , because the texture is more dense , in contrast to chicken meat .

" How to cook a turkey is actually the most appropriate manner so that the whole roasted meat tender , " said Wulan Destriana , owner of the turkey Risto VIVAlife when found in BSD City area .

He also said , if you want to cook a turkey in other ways , such as fried or baked, you have to bake the turkey at least partially cooked so the meat becomes tender and the seasoning was equally pervasive . Not only that , Wulan share other tips on how to cultivate the proper turkey meat so tender and absorb the seasonings evenly .

How to Process Meat Turkeys, Cooking a Turkeys

MARINASI meat advance
So that herbs and spices do you use equally pervasive , should be covered with turkey meat with herbs and dimarinasi first, then allowed to stand for several hours in the refrigerator before baking .

Use lemon
Before grilling , always lumurkan turkey with lemon juice so that the turkey is not too fishy . In addition, the lemon gives a taste of its own for the turkey meat tends to be plain , when compared to chicken meat .

Apply butter
For the color of meat appetizing golden brown , apply butter evenly on the turkey breast and use aluminum foil on the turkey breast so that the skin on the top of the turkey does not overcook .

Watch the temperature
Turkey meat texture is thick and dense enough to make it difficult for cooked turkey . Do not overcook baked , because the meat will be dry and tough . Do not pull out too fast anyway turkey from the oven , because the risk is evenly cooked meat .
All you have to do is pay attention to the time and temperature of the oven . Bake the turkey tail for three to three and a half hours with a temperature of 180 to 200 degrees Celsius .

Use containers
When roasting a turkey , always use a container with a little under the surface , so that the fat drips turkey that can be accommodated . In addition , oil from turkey fat can you lure them back to be cooked and the sauce accompanying the dish complements turkey roast .

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